Technologies we use.

WebActive8 is first and foremost a developer house, but as work with open source platforms and integration is a passion and a very viable entry point for anything from small and medium sized business to large corporate entities, this constitutes the bulk of our work.

The web environment today is geared towards a more standardised HTML5 and CSS instead of proprietary Flash and other technologies which only work on a subset of browsers and devices and are past their shelf life. There is especially a huge need for responsive web design with the complete proliferation of mobile devices. No longer can smartphone and tablet users be ignored, or expected to flip to a desktop version for what they need from a website. Websites must work everywhere, every time. That is why standards are in place to guide this evolution, and HTML5 is clearly the standardised solution that meet needs well into the future.

Node.js is an increasingly popular, stable, and efficient open-source, cross-platform runtime for sever applications that are written in Javascript. It runs on just about anything and is the strongest solution to many web development problems.

Magento is our favourite e-commerce system. Written in PHP with the Zend framework and a MySQL db system, this is easy for the client to administrate, and offers huge extensibility by making the code open source and allowing components to plug into it to provide additional functionality.

WooCommerce is a Wordpress based e-commerce system for smaller stores. It is certainly the most popular e-commerce system at present, but mainly because of the widespread installation based of WordPress.

Of course, we do Wordpress sites and much, much more!. These are important for individuals and companies that want to be able to update their own content frequently.

A longstanding PHP and MySql CMS system, Joomla has millions of downloads and has been iterated over countless times. It is a time-proved system for heavier and more content rich websites or portals.

Drupal is a smaller but feature-rich CMS that is completely open source. It has a passionate community and numerous plugins and extensions. It is geared towards smaller businesses and websites with a plug-and-play module and component framework.

Rabbit MQ is an open source message queueing system that is very well known, and has extensive features and documentation. The clients are provided in a multitude of languages which makes for easy integration of large systems.

The Anypoint Platform of MuleSoft products is very good integration software that allows developers to write and connect custom interfaces and SaaS products to almost anything.

Amazon Web Services is the Starship Enterprise of cloud platforms. It has a considerable set of services that range from minute level management to efficiency enhancing solutions that cater for every service need. The Elastic Cloud (EC2) and Storage System (S3) can solve a great deal of business needs in a high availability cloud environment.

Zend is an open source PHP web development framework that a lot of successful platforms are using, including Magento. It is secure, extensible and modular, and thus provides a really good base for the modern web application.

Symfony is one of the largest PHP frameworks for developing web applications that is standards based and easy to integrate with existing code and subsystems.